Using Monument Signs Effectively

Many signs in front of major buildings are monument signs. These structures can create a positive first impression immediately. When the signs are positioned in a certain way, they’ll attract even more attention.

Effective Angles

One of the advantages associated with monument signs is the fact that it’s possible to places these signs in a number of positions. These signs are completely self-supporting. They can be positioned in front of a building without leaning against the building, which can make various signs appear to be more stable.

It’s also common for people to set up monument signs next to the road, so they’re facing the moving vehicles. When these structures are in that position, everyone who drives past the signs can read them easily. Of course, the signs need to have the right lettering. Since it’s relatively easy to make monument signs large, there’s plenty of room for big fonts.

Monument Lettering

Regardless of the angle that landscape designers use, if the signs are built well enough, they’ll still be useful. The lettering on the signs must be large enough to be clearly legible. However, even simple design choices can influence the quality of the overall structure.

Sign Design

It’s possible to create very distinctive monument signs. These signs function as independent features, which makes it easier to be creative when putting them together. Any effective monument sign Vancouver WA has to be easily noticeable to everyone outside. Making the sign visually complex helps.

These signs are frequently made with brick or stone. Those materials are usually used in the base of the sign, or they’re used to make pillars for the sign. Monument signs might also use polished wood as a frame for the sign’s lettering. Using several materials with different textures, colors, and proportions can improve the structure.