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How To Choose Swimwear That Suits Your Body Type

Summer is just around the corner and so it’s time to get your swimwear collection ready! We’re here with some tips to help you feel super confident, whether you’re heading abroad or just want some great swimwear to enjoy at home. Everyone feels comfortable in different things, so this is all about finding what works for you specifically. So, plan a day of shopping, head out and follow these tips to help you feel incredible in your swimwear this summer.  

Wear Whatever Feels Comfortable! 

Our first tip is the most important one of all when it comes to choosing swimwear that suits your body type, and that’s to wear whatever feels comfortable. There are no set rules about what you should wear based on your body, it’s literally just all about what makes you feel good and supported. There are some guides out there to provide some direction about specifically what kind of silhouettes suit different body types, for example if you’re a pear shape then a high waisted style looks stunning, or if you have slightly wider shoulders then wide straps and a plunge can look great, however the main thing is to choose something that makes you feel super confident. 

Try On Lots Of Different Options

Next up, our best piece of advice is to try on lots of different options when it comes to swimwear. You might have an idea in your head about what you usually go for and automatically think that’s what you should choose again, however it’s absolutely worth trying on a range of different styles. Head into a store with swimwear and pick up lots of different styles, including full swimming costumes in lots of different styles, different tops, a variety of bottoms, different bikini sets then try everything on. You might just surprise yourself and fall in love with something different! More specific swimwear shops will be able to provide tailored advice as well, so this is worth listening to as they might suggest something that someone else with a similar body shape loved, that you might never have thought about before. This might take some time but it will really be worth it, especially if you find something new that you might have never usually tried. 

Don’t Forget Your Accessories 

Last but not least, don’t forget your accessories. Like any outfit, from wedding guest dresses to workwear, you can like your bikini as the base, but often what you need to take it to the next level is to accessorise. Things like a nice beach dress to layer with it, denim shorts or a sheer sarong, your sunglasses and then cute sandals can make all the difference! If you have waterproof jewellery don’t be afraid to style with that as well. If you’re just chilling by the pool or beach then you might not feel the need to accessorise and of course that’s okay, but the option is always there to help take it to the next level.

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