Garbage Causes Problems but It’s Easily Fixed

September 22, 2017 Off By Jill T Frey

Garbage is a problem. There’s really no other way to look at it. When we examine some of the biggest issues in the world, we see garbage at the center of it. This might seem like an exaggeration at first. But one can see it quite clearly with a few examples.

Take food as an example. A plastic bottle tossed onto the side of the road might not seem to impact food production. But things become clearer as we follow the path that bottle takes over time. A bottle on the side of the road is subject to various forces. Rain, gravity and the motion of anything nearby will cause it to ever so slowly move. Water is one of the larger forces that impacts the movement of trash. And this is particularly true for areas like Melbourne which feature easy access to rivers.

Anyone in Melbourne who’s familiar with the Yarra river should know how polluted water can become over time. But now consider how that water flows back into the ocean. And the ocean, in turn, is a habitat for sea life. The sea life feeds humans. But sea life is also used as food and fertilizer for several other consumables. The fruit of the sea winds up in a vast number of bellies on land.

And this is where litter comes into the picture. Let’s return to the earlier example of our plastic bottle. Rain has pushed it from the side of a road into a river. From here it drifts out to sea where it’s battered and ripped apart by the waves. The plastic then collects with every other piece in hundreds of other square miles. This forms something known as a garbage patch. Fish swim through this area and essentially take up pollution and plastic into their bodies. And in the end, it winds its way onto your table. Where you essentially eat plastic.

This is the bad news. But the good news is that we can all do something about it. The trash tends to come from improper storage and transport. Basically, people are just using the wrong types of skip bin. When people put a bit more thought into the type and style of bin, they use than things can improve. For example, you can search online for any type of skip bin types melbourne. This style considers just how much trash will be generated in a time during someone’s pickup cycle in Melbourne. It also considers just how rough some of Melbourne’s roads can be.

When one works with all this in mind something amazing can happen. We begin to make an actual difference in the environment. One decision to work harder to reduce litter can make a huge difference over a lifetime. And one needs to keep in mind that we’re never alone in this type of thing. If we feel the urge to protect the environment than hundreds of thousands of other people do as well. So, we need to consider any of our positive actions scaled up many thousands of times over