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In the last few decades, people buy more and more products. Most of them are made of plastics or other chemicals. After that more and more garbage will have to be processed and nature is getting filthier every time. In addition, all resources of our beautiful earth are being plundered. And do we really need all those things? How can we all do better? And especially, how can you do better?

Grow your own food

Stop visiting the supermarket for all kinds of things that your body really does not need. Think of candy, cake, cookies, soups in cans, lemonade and more. Do we really need those things? When you grow your own vegetables, you can be assured there will be no chemicals on it. You will only eat the things your body really needs (with loads of vitamins), and it will save you a lot of money. So why buy it if nothing good comes from it?

Buy sustainable products

If you do not have the space or time to grow your own vegetables, you could also make the choice to buy sustainable products only. For example, do you know how many plastic bottles are being thrown away each year? Well, it is a lot! Instead of buying ‘plastic fantastics’, you can also choose to buy glass cosmetic bottles and refill them each time. Especially when you create your own products, these bottles are perfect to use. They will last for a lifetime and even after they break, they can be melted into new glass bottles.

Plant new trees and plants

It is also an option to grow more trees and plants. Remove some of all the tiles in your garden. Grow plants and trees to help out the insects. Especially bees and butterflies are good to help growing more and more nature in the world. Every step is one. Just imagine what we can achieve if every family in the world would do this? Do you not have the space to plant your own trees? In that case you could look for tree planting companies and ask them to do it for you.

Travel by bike

Forget cars, trains, airplanes. Of course, it is wonderful that men created them. Is it really necessary though? Maybe sometimes, sure. But do you really have to take the car to your work? Can you not use the bike? It will keep you in shape and it will help the earth tremendously. How do you choose to live your life?

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