3 Cool Ways To Promote Your Bar

3 Cool Ways To Promote Your Bar

3 Cool Ways To Promote Your Bar

There are more than 60,000 bars in the United States. If you want yours to stand out from the crowd, you need to find creative ways to promote your establishment. There are basic ideas, such as karaoke nights or shot specials, but most bars and nightclubs offer those promotions. To truly get people interested, you need to come up with more creative ideas.

1. Host a Food Truck Event

Do you know what goes great with beer? Food! If your bar doesn’t already offer food service, why not partner your liquor license Dallas TX with people who have food licenses and trucks in the area? The number of food trucks you invite will depend on your available parking space, but remember to factor in parking for customers as well. Bring in different types of food and consider a live DJ or band outside to up the “wow” factor.

2. Bring in a Local Celebrity

If your city or state has a local celebrity that everyone wants to meet, consider hiring that person to come and spend an evening at your bar. Depending on why they’re famous, they can perform, sign autographs, have a meet and greet, or simply mingle with your patrons.

3. Appeal to the College Crowd

If your bar never seems to bring in younger crowds, maybe it’s time for some rebranding. College-aged kids are the most likely to want to dream on a budget, and they’ll often be looking to relax between classes, after finals, or during holidays if they aren’t going home. Consider drink specials with a valid ID, host a college-specific night, and don’t forget to support their sports teams.

Regardless of what type of bar you run and who you want to bring in as clientele, it’s important to stay within the laws. This way, you can be sure you’re always ready to serve up some of the best drinks in your area. Work with reputable vendors and business partners to further ensure your success.

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