Things You Should Consider When Using Expert Witnesses

Things You Should Consider When Using Expert Witnesses

Things You Should Consider When Using Expert Witnesses

Most complex legal cases now use expert witnesses. You can find experts in a number of fields, from banking and medical to forensics, who can provide testimony on your case. However, there are things you should consider before hiring an expert witness.

The Witness Must Be Impartial

Although you hire an expert witness banking, the witness must look over the case evidence from an impartial standpoint. Therefore, if the evidence leads the expert to arrive at a different conclusion than you did, that expert is required to present his or her findings.

These witnesses may still be valuable because they can reveal the holes in your evidence and case. You may still work with these individuals as you prepare your case, just be sure to ask for their logical reasoning. Also, don’t hesitate to reveal holes in their logic.

You May Receive Billing Surprises

When you hire an expert, you need to discuss the scope of the work necessary for your case. Then, you should get a bid in writing from the expert. However, you also need to ask about any hidden fees, such as travel, testimony and research fees. You should also share these fees with your client because you don’t want them to be surprised by the high cost of these services.

Witnesses Require Extensive Preparation

You should choose expert witnesses who have experience testifying in court, but these individuals will still need to be prepared for their testimonies. You don’t want any witnesses to be stumped by the opposition’s questions. In addition, you need to inform your witness about all the parts and evidence of the case. You don’t want them to find out new information from the opposition when they are testifying. If they are caught off guard, their expertise may be undermined.

Expert witnesses are valuable assets and can help you make your case as long as they have all the details and the evidence that supports your position.

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