What Types of Cases Does a Social Disability Firm Handles?

What Types of Cases Does a Social Disability Firm Handles?

What Types of Cases Does a Social Disability Firm Handles?

Social security disability law is a complex field that can be hard to navigate without experience or guidance. Your case must go through a long and difficult process, and you need someone to understand how it all works behind you.

The types of cases that a social security disability firm handles include:

Cases Involving Initial Applications

The first type of case that social security disability attorneys might investigate includes cases where an application for SSD benefits has been submitted but not yet heard by the administration or adjudicated. The social security disability law firm would research this case, including whether the person meets the SSA’s criteria for disability, reviewing the application file, and more.

Cases Involving Appeals

The second type of case that an attorney might investigate involves people who have already had their SSDI application denied by the administration. Attorneys may look at either reconsideration requests or initial applications when seeking information on cases where someone has initially been denied benefits but wishes to appeal this ruling. When one’s claim is still in progress, legal staff members will decide if the firm should represent the individual through an appeal or not.

Cases Involving Denials

The third type of case that an attorney working for a social security disability law firm Orlando-based might investigate involves individuals who were denied benefits and wish to request a reversal of this ruling. The decisions involved in a claim process may be different. Attorneys may look at applications for reversal when seeking information about people who were initially denied benefits but now want these reinstated or where someone’s existing SSDI benefits are being ceased because they received earnings from employment.

Working with social security lawyers is vital when you seek to fight for your right to get monthly checks from the government system. This can prove to be a daunting and confusing task. There are so many factors involved, and it is difficult to understand the complex legal jargon that permeates all the papers you must fill in.

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